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About Heinrich Siepmann

The artistic work of Heinrich Siepmann is essentially characterized by three periods: Firstly the concentration on abstract painting between 1948 and 1957, secondly the cautious turn to constructive shapes and thirdly the rigorouse decision in favour of the pure non-objective construction. In doing so Siepmann was in his element. From the tenseness between the formal arrangement and the emotional spontaneity he developed an artistic programme of great density and wonderful musicality - it is significant for Siepmann that he is an admirer of Johann Sebastian Bach and senses the "Art of the Fugue" to be exemplary for his painting. Also Kasimir Malewich with the epoch making "Black Square" belongs to his ancestors.
Siepmann described the credo of his art as follows: "The artist reveals his own cosmos - if you are sensitive enough you will be able to enter this cosmos." Incisive events occur. Thereto belong severe diseases. And thereto belongs the new style with new artistic dimensions. Siepmann opens up new resources - no matter if it is painting in oil, watercolour, collage, graphic or object. This man is inexhaustable in his creativity.
His biography is not spectacular at all. In 1904 he was born in Mülheim an der Ruhr and there he lives and works - full of delight. He studied at the Folkwangschule Essen. Since 1928 he is a freelance painter. From 1941 to 1945 he was a soldier and was busy with painting still-lifes and landscapes. He used every opportunity to copy the Old Masters to elaborate his abilities as a painter.
In 1948 he was a founding member of the group "young west" in Recklinghausen. In the circles of his friends (Gustav Deppe, Thomas Grochowiak, Ernst Hermanns, Emil Schumacher and Hans Werdehausen) Siepmann was classified as "the real constructivist", who demonstrated his artistic variety with his instruments - square, rectangle, triangle, line - and also with a plentifullness of witty and ironical collages.
Finally Heinrich Siepmann intends to create results with his painting that he once specified as "combinative arrangements". That means: "From the reduction and the turn to basic shapes and precisely manageable norms of composition I came", so Siepmann said, "to paintings of a geometric-constructive approach." To arrange colour and shape, to accomplish harmony and coherence and to design the final result out of it - these are the artistic aims quickening Siepmann's imagination. Space, area and conception are combined when it is a matter of perfecting the "self-contained composition" in a consonance of the lowest common denominator.

Prof. Heiner Stachelhaus, 2000

In December 2002 Heinrich Siepmann died 98 years old in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr.


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